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6 Types of Quality backlinks in SEO Optimization

6 Types of Quality backlinks in SEO Optimization

Quality backlinks are required when doing link building or off-page SEO. SEO optimization, especially pages from close links to backlinks. Some changes to Google's algorithm are forcing site owners to keep learning to update their optimization.

This is intended to make the website rank better in search results on Google.

What are the characteristics of quality criteria? Here are some useful criteria for SEO.


The first criterion is to come from a website whose content is relevant to our website. How to find out if a website is relevant or not with the website we have? There are several things that can be considered to find out.

The first step is to look at the title tag of the website page. It is also necessary to pay attention to the topic of the website as a whole and read if the contents of writing are relevant to items on our website.

Quality and Trusted

In addition to being relevant, quality backlinks must come from reliable websites by search engines. How to find out? The easiest way is to look at the PageRank of the page of a website.


This criterion is the most important. The backlinks you get should come naturally. The purpose of the natural is to appear because the people who read our items are interested and voluntarily offer links to our web pages.

For example, the content that has been created is very interesting so that it will inspire people who read it to write on a similar topic and provide us with a reference for writing.

Last Long

A good delay in which you keep as long as possible on the website that provides it. The links that last only a short time or disappear will quickly reduce the classification of the website.

Try searching for web pages backlinks that are permanent. Many cases make it disappear because the domain of the website that has been expired and is no longer renewed. The missing links are known as broken links.

Not Redirected to Homepage

Backlinks that have good quality are not aimed at the homepage or the main page of our website, but they are directed to a specific page on it.

This affects the evaluation of the relevance of the Backlink to the website. In general, the main page of the website contains several topics along with many links. Its nature is also dynamic because it often changes due to updates made. Therefore, obtaining recoil links that is directed to a given page will be better.

Use of Keyword in Anchor Text

Let's say we have found a trusted website with relevant content. Next, make sure that the anchor text is used to link the page to our website page. Use keywords on the Backlinks from the website.

For example, if our website is directed to the keyword "Spare Parts Store in Bandung", then a good anchoring text is one that uses the phrase "share spare parts in Bandung, "spare parts seller In Bandung", or "A trusted place to buy spare parts in Bandung". On the other hand, do not use nonsense anchor text as "click here".

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