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How to get your site visitors from google

If you want to be a blogger who can get paid passively every month then you have to do some tips that help people find your site in Google search results.

How to get your site visitors from google

Weblog visitors can be brought from anywhere

  • Through advertising, you must spend money to be able to run advertising campaigns, although there are also sites that provide free of charge classifieds, but the results are less than optimal
  • Through guest submission, you can post articles on blogs other people while including backlinks so that people visit your site
  • Through the google search engine (organic), this organic traffic is great for blogs, very safe for Adsense advertising and making us as weblog owners can breathe a little longer

If we promote in social media then this must be done repeatedly or blog traffic will decrease, if traffic already down, the income from the weblog is stuck. Meanwhile, if we get an organic vacationer from several posts that have managed to rank at the top of Google through potential keywords

How to get your site visitors from google

So that your site gets tourist from google Organic traveler is more durable and appreciated than paying for a service to bring tourists to your blog. If you want to reach the top of the first page of Google then you have to do a number of things related to search engine optimization (search engine optimization).

Even though search engine optimization feels difficult and uncertain, because we have to sort out which whitehat, greyhat and blackhat techniques, actually you don't need to worry because Google has given pointers-tips so that people find your posts on google

You can read these tips in full on the google webmaster page

Without further ado, check out the suggestions for your site to appear on the first page of Google;

1. Peek a query on webmaster

When you register a weblog property with the googlewebmaster searchconsole service, basically this service will monitor the health of your blog

Through the service seek.Google.Com we can find out the performance of the site on google pages, list what keywords people use to find your site in the search results, monitor the health of the site, maybe there are errors that cause delayed crawling of Googlebot and other performance reports

You have to do an experiment to find out what keywords people type on Google to find information related to your content, the good news is that there are lots of key word research services like ahrefs, semrush, ubersuggest, keyword revealer, the hoth and so on

Not all vacationers who come from search engines to your weblog use keywords that are right on target, for example for art The article "How to deal with jingling in weblogs" sometimes what brings organic travelers to your weblog is not the keywords "How to deal with jingling" but "How to refuse jingling", "How to make jingling sites" etc.

That's why it's important to go to a performance page that shows site performance to find out what keywords are popular on your site

Go >

Scroll down, you should see a list of common queries / keywords along with the number of clicks and impressions in google search results

You can use the list of queries to be inserted into existing articles so that their audience reach is wider or use queries to create new posts

2. Rearrange key-word placements

Are the queries that brought organic travelers to your site what you were targeting? If not, you should rearrange the keywords in the article to make it easier for people to find on google

Pointers arrange key-words in blog articles so that seo:

A. Use keywords in text form

Do not use important key words to name images, videos, animations or other non-text layouts because they are not understandable to google

Make sure your list of important key words is inserted in text form into the article

B . Write a complete article

Write a complete, informative and solution article. Google is smart, but they only consist of an array of engine algorithms that may not be able to guess what your article means accurately

Therefore you must write the complete article until the smallest part so that Google can understand the purpose and purpose of your content

C. Adjust to the topic

If the site content discusses hydroponic cultivation, you don't need to discuss information that has nothing to do with the main topic such as how to cuttings, how to make fertilizers and so on

This makes Google unable to clearly understand the intent and purpose of your content because the information you are trying to convey overlaps with topics that are actually completely unrelated

3. CTR Optimization

CTR or click-through rate is the ratio between the number of site clicks and the number of impressions on your site in search results. In general, the number of site impressions is greater than the number of clicks because not everyone who sees your site is searched by Google will visit it

You need to create an attractive title, a relevant description . Here are some tips for increasing CTR

A. Create a Backlink

This is what google says on the "Help people find your site on Google" page

Get attention from other sites : Ask that your site is mentioned in the appropriate place on the net. See if you can go to a local online news site, or in any other appropriate useful resource.

Requesting oneway links on other sites is considered SEO practice. It is suggested, as long as the links that refer to your site are relevant or in accordance with the goals

You can use news sites, other sites so that they want to provide oneway links to your site free, not paid because buying a number of links is a practice of blackhat search engine optimization

Your content needs to get attention from other sites so that it appears on the top pages of Google, back links supposing to function as a reference from other sites that your content should be given priority in search engines

B. Focus on creating one topic per page

Use accurate titles and descriptions for your pages. Writing a 3000 word article does look long and valuable but if the content in the article is not relevant to the title then it is useless

Search engines will have difficulty determining keywords appropriate for your page

C. Update the site regularly

Updating the site by posting the latest articles and updating the information on old articles makes the content on your site sparkling and up to date

Updating content regularly takes effort and hard work, you must enjoy every process of your search engine optimization efforts to add to the experience in the future

That is the article about tips for google users to find the site / weblog. Finding an organic vacationer is indeed a lengthy process, unlike paid vacationers from instant advertising campaigns. However, hard work should not betray the results

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